Located on 10th floor with a big terrace features fetching views of the city& Hoan Kiem lake-a perfect place for power meetings where impressions count. The room was designed to suit many different occasions such as the meetings, exhibitions and other special occasions. It was designed to comfortably seat host from 10 to 30 guests. Hanoi Pearl Hotel is idea address for business delegates to experience the best traditional Vietnamese culture and service while they are perfectly placed. If you are planning for meeting or any special occasions , our team at Hanoi Pearl Hotel will relish the opportunity to work with you and your guests to ensure every detail taken care of.
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Direct book Excusive benefits:

• Secure booking at 100% the best rates guaranteed!
• Get your reservation done at ease!
• Direct contact to helpful hotel staffs
• Cash for cash back up to 5%
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CFC - Cash for cash back policy:

• The hotel accepts both cards and cash (USD, EUR, AUD, JPY, VND) payment for all rooms and some other services. Guests will be paid back up to 5% per total payment at front-desk if using cash.